Good Complexion Begin with CLEAN PORES

We all know what healthy, clear skin should look like: Smooth, not marred with spots that look dirty or inflamed. Hydrated and not oily. 

However, there is no such thing as making the pores disappear entirely. 

Nor would we want to; these little holes function as outlets for the oil produces by the sebum glands, which is essential for lubricating skin and keeping it hydrated.

When pores are blocked, bumps, blackheads and whiteheads show up on skin. Acne-causing bacteria thrive in such conditions, which then lead to pimple and acne.


  1. Pore cleansing habits. Not cleaning your skin well is as bad as cleaning it too well. Daily grime and excess oil are not removed and the skin is stripped of what it needs (moisture), which encourages the sebum glands to overcompensate with more oil.


  1. Dead skin – a normal product of the monthly skin renewal cycle where new skin cells are made and old ones, shed – builds up. When the dead cells aren’t removed regularly (at least 1x a week), they clump together with oil, and harden into blackheads and whiteheads.  This not only prevents pores from doing what they need to (provide outlets for oil), but also stretches them.

  1. Hormonal changes due to periods, pregnancy or even stress, which, more often than not, trigger excess sebum production. This is why some people get breakouts post-puberty and all the way into their 30s.


It is important to cleanse – correctly. Choose gentle yet effective cleansers that work into pores instead of harsh products that irritate skin. Exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin and prevent build-up. Use products exactly as directed. Using too much, too often can irritate skin and worsen its condition.

Adopt lifestyle changes too. Drink adequate water to keep both body and skin well hydrated so the latter does not produce more oil than it naturally requires. Cut down on refined sugar if you can – too much of it can mess with hormone levels and make skin oilier. Eat more whole grains, omega-3 fats and vitamin B, which is good for keeping the oil at bay and find ways to manage stress and relax.

Remember to drink water; 
keep yourself HYDRATED at all times!



Some facial cleanser work on the surface of skin to remove dirt and oil. Some facial cleansers go deeper. To remove stubborn clogs in the pores, you need a gentle, targeted deep pore cleanser.

RESET Luxurious Skin Bar with Active Enzymes, Collagen, and Plants Oils - 100g.

$15.90 (UP $22.90)
INGREDIENTS : Collagen, Fruit Enzymes, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Glycerol

Creating creamy and soft bubble foam that effectively capture the impurities and dirt broken down by the Enzymes. Soften dry and rough skin texture. The active enzymes can quickly penetrate the skin, promote skin cell activity and metabolism, improve dry and rough skin, reduce sebum, skin softening and reduce pore size. Thus, it enhances absorption of skin care products to maintain beautiful skin.

Moreover, it cleanses gently and perfectly without drying the skin as RESET does not contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate. It contains Collagen, Coconut Oil, and Olive Oil which help to retain moisture and water balance, maintain skin pH, and hydrate the skin!


  •  Excellent Exfoliator
  •  Helps the skin to regenerate itself
  •  Retain moisture and water balance
  •  Moisturize & calm the skin
  •  Maintain healthy pH
  •  Enhance skin appearance
  •  Fruity aroma
  •  Anti-inflammatory properties
  •  Nourishes the skin
  •  Reduction in pore size
  •  Smoother skin with fewer lines and wrinkles
  •  A healthy glow
  •  Softer skin
  •  Hydrated Skin
  •  Plumper and more youthful complexion
  •  Enhance skin care absorption
  •  Prevent and clear clogged pores


Skin needs weekly exfoliation. Some people need more, and some less, to make sure dead skin doesn’t build up, clog pores and cause acne. Use gentle extraction and do not squeeze or pick at the clogs by yourself – that may cause infection or scarring.


  1. Ultrasonic Scrubber

Ultrasonic Skin scrubber is a powerful tool for deep exfoliation. It used widely in cosmetology practice. The ultrasound face scrubber has the ability to "push out" all debris from skin pores.

Skin scrubber's blade also removes the top layer of dead cells, leaving skin fresh and smooth.

Exfoliation with skin scrubber is very comfortable procedure and does not take more that 5-7 min.

  1. Pore Cleansing Facial with Hi-Tech Aesthetic Equipment

Hydra Peel Facial Treatment - 60minutes

A non-invasive, multi-action treatment that combines the dermabrasion, chemical peels, and painless extractions in ONE treatment.

It delivers specialized serum loaded with antioxidants, hyaluronic acids into the skin without downtime or irritation. Micro absorption technology fills the skin cell membrane with nutrients and seals in the moisture.

Remove Oil, Grime, Toxins & Minimize Inflammation

Persistent skin problems start from the inside, so go right to the source to resolve and prevent repeat occurrences. Deep cleansing pores and enhancing skin’s ability to resist infection can prevent flare-ups from within. Dry / dehydrated skin will cause excessive sebum production, wrinkles, clog pores, and pimple or acne. Therefore, it is very important to keep the skin well hydrated all the time!


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