VAGHEGGI Balance Concealer Gel - Anti Blemish Gel

VAGHEGGI Balance Concealer Gel - Anti Blemish Gel

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A facial treatment made from active ingredients that have an immediate antibacterial, purifying and normalising action. Use directly on blemishes to dry and minimize visible marks on the skin.


  • Essential oil of Lavandula angustifolia: with a purifying effect
  • Essential oil of Malaleuca alternifolia: distillation of Tea Tree oil gives a molecule that is a very strong antiseptic with a wide-ranging sphere of action on various strains of bacteria, combined with excellent anti-inflammatory properties
  • Extract of Ananas Sativus: helps keratolytic action combating thickened skin
  • Extract of Salix alba: with high levels of salicine, the natural forerunner to salicylic acid, flavonoids like isoquercitrin, and tannins. It has a soothing and exfoliating action


    • 15ml


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