[S190041-5] Chin IPL Hair Removal – Say GOOD BYE to waxing and shaving!

[S190041-5] Chin IPL Hair Removal – Say GOOD BYE to waxing and shaving!

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Time to say good bye to waxing and shaving!


  • Chin Hair Removal Treatment
  • Lotion Application


  • No tight clothing
  • Please shave 1 day before your appointment 
  • There will be an additional charge of $15 for in-house shaving service

POST TREATMENT CARE For the next 24 hours:

  • No hot baths
  • No swimming or sunbathing
  • No tight clothing
  • No application of perfumed products including deodorant, antiperspirant, self-tanner or makeup on the treated area
  • No scrubbing or rubbing of the treated area (unless you want a bacteria infection)
  • Do not undergo any heat or UV treatments like sun beds or saunas for at least 4 weeks
  • No waxing, tweezing or depilating of your hair as IPL targets the hair follicles, please shave instead.


  • Voucher is valid for 3 months from the date of purchased. Only valid to the treatment you bought – Strictly NO changing of treatment
  • STRICTLY NO extension of time. Hence, we advise our customers to be punctual
  • Rescheduling of treatment appointment is only allowed 24 hours before your appointment time
  • Love Skin have the right to forfeit customer’s session due to last minute cancellation or no show
  • Love skin will not be liable on any wrongly bought treatments or failed to apply promo code
  • Strictly NO REFUND

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