[S190010-90] Acne Sensitive Facial Treatment - Combat STUBBORN Acne in a Gentle Way!

[S190010-90] Acne Sensitive Facial Treatment - Combat STUBBORN Acne in a Gentle Way!

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A complex facial treatment is designed to tackle stubborn acne. This treatment uses oxy peelpulse light and oxy spray with purifying ampule.

  1. Oxy peel works by imparting oxygen and sodium chloride into basal layer of the skin, allowing the skin to regenerate. It also dislodges damaged skin cells, essentially exfoliating the skin, whilst also helping to control skin's sebum production 

  2. While Pulse light therapy is rapidly becoming recognized as a FAST, SAFE and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE solution for those suffering from mild to severe inflammatory acne. It uses a specific spectrum of light that targets the bacteria that actually causes acne.

    The Anti-Acne light decrease proliferation of acne-causing bacteria, and may also affect the sebaceous gland from over-production of oil and promote healing of the skin after acne breakouts. Besides clearing up pustules and active inflammation, pulse light therapy has the added benefit of improving the appearance of facial scarring.

  3. Lastly, Oxy spray with purifying ampule helps to shrink the pores, and soothe the skin. The purifying ampule works in synergy with oxy spray to shrink enlarged pores, softens and dissolves blackhead, whiteheads and clears clogged pores. It also reduces the excess oil and stabilizes the skin pH level.


  • Double cleanse
  • Oxy peel
  • Light extraction
  • Soothing lotion
  • Pulse light treatment
  • Oxy spray with purifying ampoule
  • Head massage
  • Mask application
  • Shoulder pressure point


  • Sensitive / Hyper sensitive acne prone skin
  • Congested pores
  • Oily skin
  • Combination skin


  • 90 minutes


  • Voucher is valid for 3 months from the date of purchased. Only valid to the treatment you bought – Strictly NO changing of treatment
  • STRICTLY NO extension of time. Treatment duration is 90 minutes. If you reach 15 minutes late, you only have 75 minutes for your treatment. Hence, we advise our customers to be punctual
  • Rescheduling of treatment appointment is only allowed 24 hours before your appointment time
  • Love Skin have the right to forfeit customer’s session due to last minute cancellation or no show
  • Love skin will not be liable on any wrongly bought treatments or failed to apply promo code
  • Strictly NO REFUND

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