[S190059-90] Themagic Face-Lift Facial Treatment- Revitalize Your Youth: Tighten, Lift, and Transform your skin
[S190059-90] Themagic Face-Lift Facial Treatment- Revitalize Your Youth: Tighten, Lift, and Transform your skin
[S190059-90] Themagic Face-Lift Facial Treatment- Revitalize Your Youth: Tighten, Lift, and Transform your skin

[S190059-90] Themagic Face-Lift Facial Treatment- Revitalize Your Youth: Tighten, Lift, and Transform your skin

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Themagic Face-Lift is a cutting-edge, non-surgical skin treatment that uses fractionated radiofrequency to smooth, tighten, and shape the skin, giving it a younger look. It works below the skin's surface to boost collagen production for lasting anti-aging benefits.

Introduction to Themagic Face-Lift:

Themagic Face-Lift heats deep skin layers with radiofrequency energy, tightening collagen fibers and reducing wrinkles and sagging. It's known for providing noticeable results without the need for downtime or surgical procedures.

Key Advantages of Themagic Face-Lift:

  • Non-Surgical: Themagic doesn't involve cuts or needles, minimizing risks and recovery time.
  • Boosts Collagen: It heats skin's deeper layers to increase collagen, enhancing skin firmness and decreasing lines and wrinkles.
  • Immediate to Long-term Improvements: Clients may see some skin tightening right away, with more profound benefits appearing over months as collagen rebuilds.
  • Versatility: Themagic can treat different face areas like the jaw, neck, and around the eyes for overall facial enhancement.
  • Long Lasting Results: The outcomes of Themagic last a long time, varying with each person's skin condition and aging pace.

Key Treatment Steps of Themagic Face-Lift with Enhanced Procedures:

  • Snow Peel (Papain Enzyme & PHA Peel): Before the Themagic procedure, a Snow Peel using papain enzyme and polyhydroxy acid (PHA) is applied to exfoliate the skin gently. This step removes dead skin cells, enhances skin texture, and allows for better penetration of the Themagic treatment.
  • Themagic Treatment: The core of the procedure involves using the Themagic device over the entire face. This comprehensive approach ensures that all targeted areas receive the beneficial effects of the radiofrequency energy, promoting uniform collagen stimulation and skin tightening.
  • LED RED Light Therapy: This light therapy helps to reduce inflammation, promote healing, and can further enhance collagen production, complementing the effects of the Themagic treatment.

By integrating these steps, the Themagic Face-Lift not only tightens and lifts the skin but also improves its texture and tone, offering a comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation.


  • Double cleanse
  • Snow Peel
  • Light extraction
  • Soothing lotion
  • Themagic Face-Lift
  • Face & head massage
  • Mask application with LED Therapy
  • Shoulder pressure point


  • Saggy skin
  • Anti-aging
  • Wrinkles & fine lines
  • Matured skin
  • Define face contours


  • 90 minutes


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