VAGHEGGI Emozioni Shield Effect Serum

VAGHEGGI Emozioni Shield Effect Serum

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A serum containing UV filters that offers sensitive reactive skin protection from environmental aggression and city smog. The best facial treatment for reducing the sensation of tightness of delicate skin, soothing redness and preventing skin intolerance. Ideal as a make-up base.


  • Camellia sinensis and Chrysanthellum indicum: synergy with a soothing, draining, anti-oxidant and vein protecting action
  • Epilobium angustifolium: reduces uneven colour typical of sensitive skins, prevents annoying sensations and discomfort in intolerant skins
  • Phytosome 18-ß glycyrrhetinic acid: it has strong anti-radical action and effective soothing and healing properties that sooth irritation for a pleasant feeling of relief in the zone treated
  • Green powder: balancing pigments that combat unsightly reddening
  • UV Filter


  • 30ml


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