VAGHEGGI 75.15 Sorbet Feel Face Cream

VAGHEGGI 75.15 Sorbet Feel Face Cream

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Innovative, matt-effect anti-ageing texture. It redensifies, redefines and plumps, at the same time ensuring a sensation of comfort and immediate freshness.


  • The active principle of Pistacia lentiscus resin crystals: obtained using the Green Technology supercritical CO2 extraction method it stimulates the functionality of youth proteins (Klotho) in the fibroblasts. Its lifting effect remodels the facial contours and gives the skin new-found density and compactness
  • Amethyst: a mineral with a deep purple colour due to the presence of manganese (a trace element that helps cell physiological activity), rich in silica, it hydrates and tones the skin
  • Active cherry water: with super hydrating properties


  • 50ml


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